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Rango Behind the Scenes

Rango is an awesome animation starring Johnny Depp. Animation developed my Industrial Light and Magic Visual Effects. It shows the process they went through from start to finish, within different scenes. Starting from the simple Polygon shapes, to Texturing and lighting.

This is a really good insight to the industry that most of us want to work it. I learn alot from this. Showing how simple polygons with a good texture will sell the shot

The video show how it is done.

Media Specificity

Erect Poster.

  • Comparing us to other animals
  • Physcal and Chamical
  • How to survive
  • Large Brain
  • Longe throat
  • small mouth, Tongue up
  • up right stance, frees up arms
  • hands with mobile thumbs and fingers.
  • Being Human
  • tools as extentions
  • extensions of the central nerves
  • Marshall McLuhan System
  • Electronic Nose and Touch NASA Research

People are always trying to improve what they have. Sight, smell and hearing

New Tech tends to mimic old

  • “An artwork in order to be successful needs to ad here to the specific stylistic properties of its own media.”
  • Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 1776

Painting is painting unless is SHIT

Lesson 6/7

Virtual Worlds a Journey into hype and Hyper reality Woolley Ben, 1993 306.24

Hyperreality :- good example of openers is finding an essay with examples of Hyper reality

Simulation:- history of Computer Simulation Page 53 of Virtual worlds Page 55 Second paragraph is a good example.


Baudrillard and Hyperreality

  • Gave us alot a term way of understanding about thoughts and ideas
  • Haddon Sundbolm illustrations 1930s Coca Cola
  • Even better than the real thing PopMatters.com
  • Breaking down the world like it doesnt exist (imagination)?

Post Structure Philosophers

  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Roland Barthes
  • Jean Baudrillard
  • Jacques Derrida
  • Helene Cixous
  • Michel foucault


Guy Deboid :- Situationist, Observer, Cinema

society of the Spectacle (Stuff from a different view)

Kaul Marx

  1. All that is solid melts into air; all that is holy is profaud quote from hamlet

People that are in charge of money have the power over the workers. Cheaper work force else where


Imagination is far from reality, the meaning of reality is lost in modern media. Taking points from Kaul Mavx and Guy Deboid. The reality of media and the message is lost from person to person. Its far from reality Hyperreality is now the norm. Alternately  we can see this from a different point of view. Psyco is a great example as it takes the view into the film. Experiencing what the actor experiences.

Lesson 5

Lesswells’ Maxim “Who says what who in what channel with what effect”

Tufte powerpoint makes it more difficult to communicate.

bullet bots are key

short uncompleted text

Communication theroy

  • Semiotics
  • The phenomenological Tradition
  • Socio-Psychological
  • socio-cultural
  • Critical theory

Level 1- Technical- Accuracy

Level 2 Semantic- Preision of language

Level 3 Effectiveness

Multi perspectival – Loads of prospective

BARB- Brocasters Audience research board

Semiotics like sterotypes

The Phenomenological Tradition (The corporal turn) Aspect of vision body schema


Just the Hand -_-

It turns out that in my film you only get to see the hand of the Alien. So i decided to make the hand look epic to sell the effect etc. I used a basic hand I downloaded from the net then made it look awesome. Ive finished the hand and now its time to UV and texture it. I still need to start my space shit and the interior. I also want to do a gun, so I have lots and lots of work to do.

Pictures of my awesomeness.