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Battlefield 3 side my side xbox 360 vs PS3

This is something that I found on youtube, its a side my side coverage of Battlefield 3 for xbox and ps3… To me I cant see any difference apart from sometimes the xbox 360 is quicker and sometimes the ps3 is quicker. side by side the textures are the same. amazing graphics though love it

Jailbreaking Help Center Official App

So over the past week I have been working on an iPhone app for a Facebook Fan site about Jailbreaking,I finally finish and submitted it to Cydia. Its been live in Cydia for over 5 hours now and we are reaching 1000 downloads already, (makes me with I put a price tag on it ūüė¶ ¬†)

Here are some Screenshots of the Jailbreaking Help Center App. This is version 0.9 and I am looking to expande it more, with Facebook intergration and Notifications… Keep a look out for it and download it.

Help Me Learn Nuke

Recently¬†after being in Digital Film, Games and Animation I decided to brodern my¬†horizon by learning Nuke by The Foundry¬†. An amazing product and the only way I will be able to get in the industry is to learn this software. So I want to go on this online course ran by a company called FXPhD. Its an awesome course and an awesome company.¬†Unfortunately it is $330 per term. Since I am a student and “skint” there is no way that I can afford this. This is where my reader come in, if anyone has any spare money in there paypal account and are willing to donate I would be over the moon. I will give something back in return I will just have to think of something.


If anyone knows of any scholarship or places that are willing to help out students please email me on rj88152@students.leeds-art.ac.uk

For now I will post the donation button below and on the side bar here ——————->

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Yazsoft Playback

Just found an amazing Streamer for my PS3, Playback offers you to stream content straight from your mac anywhere.

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