Help Me Learn Nuke

Recently after being in Digital Film, Games and Animation I decided to brodern my horizon by learning Nuke by The Foundry . An amazing product and the only way I will be able to get in the industry is to learn this software. So I want to go on this online course ran by a company called FXPhD. Its an awesome course and an awesome company. Unfortunately it is $330 per term. Since I am a student and “skint” there is no way that I can afford this. This is where my reader come in, if anyone has any spare money in there paypal account and are willing to donate I would be over the moon. I will give something back in return I will just have to think of something.


If anyone knows of any scholarship or places that are willing to help out students please email me on rj88152@students.leeds-art.ac.uk

For now I will post the donation button below and on the side bar here ——————->

Please make some donations