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Dam you MPC

So here is a visual effects break down of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” It is amazing the imagination that the visual effects artist have is unbelievable. They can take a simple scene and make it awesome, Taking aspects from green screen 3D worlds and Visual effects. Most of it looks like Maya then Nuke then a colour correction program. B-E-A-UIFUL.

Creative Industry End of Year Presentation

I decided just to do a Powerpoint Presentation

Download Here

Creative Industry End of Year Presentation

A Gaze into the Future of Visual Effects

After spending a lot of time reading through books and looking on different websites and blogs, I finally finished the Creative Industry Article. Its not the best because of not a lot of people are talking about the future of visual effects. It is kind of on the hush hush, but what I got was SOME information about it and this is my article. I will submit it on this blog as a .doc download file for everyone to read.

This is the updated version.


A Gaze into The Future of Visual Effects


Freddiew a channel on youtube has brought out a new video this week and all I can say is it is EPIC, it has UNICORNS AND EXPLOSIONS…. ENJOY

Video Mr Toots

Behind the Scenes

Alex Ross The DC Comic Book Artist

Alex Ross is a DC comic book artist based in America. He started drawing comics at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped since, he is one of the most well known comic book artist around. Alex started working for comic book companies in 1990 starting out at Marvel then working his way to DC. This is where he bloomed and shot into the Hall of Fame, Alex has drawn over 1500 pages of comics from Spiderman and the avengers to Batman. Superman and the Justice League, two different end of the spectrum Marval Vs DC. He also collects every single DC memorabilia out there getting first pick of everything. WIth millions of fans worldwide he is selling he art work on his website for prices reaching $13,000, which is expensive but would be awesome to have.

As I can’t draw and don’t want to this is not a career that I would do but I would love to meet him and hopefully he will be at MCM or ComicCon (IN MY DREAMS)

And now some artwork and an interview for the LEGEND Alex Ross

Above: Alex Ross

Above: SOME of Alex Ross’ Work

Below: Interview with Alex Ross on Cartoon Network

I have Portal 2

so  I just got back from town after buying Portal 2 and my first impressions it that it’s amazing more levels and more tricks to do. The game is finally co-op so I can either play with a friend or play on the PSN network. So far it’s about the same as portal 1 with the difficulty more comic value than anything else very funny. From what I am seeing there are 22 single player levels, where as Portal 1 had 19 levels they are all new levels with different features. The fist part of the game you do the fist 6 levels of Portal 1, but the testing area is over grown and dead.

A really good game so far and the developers have out done them self, would not mind to work for valve as a developer, would be really good.

Some pictures I took from  my iPhone of Portal 2.

Back to the Future Trilogy

Back to the Future started out in 1985 starring Michael J Fox as Marty Mcfly. The story is about where Marty goes back in time using Dr Browns time machine by accident, finding out that he has blocked his and his mother from meeting. Before he goes back to the future he has to fix this or he will never be born.

After fixing this in Back to the Future II he goes to the future to fix his children, as his son was going to rob a bank and get put away for life. After fixing this he brings back a sport magasine containing all the results for the past 50 years. Biff gets a hold of this and becomes a billionaire and the world is ruined. once again Marty has to go back to 1950s to fix this, unfortunately when fixing it and trying to get back to 1983 Dr Brown and the time machine is hit with a lightning bolt and sent back to 1883 making way for Back to the Future III

The final Back to the Future takes place in 1983 where Marty goes back in time to bring Dr Brown back. Again they run into problems when they have no fuel to get back to 1983. The race is on to find fuel to get them back.

I love these films and they have some good effects in them, when the time machine goes back in time and the effect on the cars and road whilst doing this. Good thing to keep in mind in the future of my carrer.