Digital Film Production

The Sound Track

This is my sound track to my 1 minute short. It’s a really good song, thanks to Jeff for finding this for me. I edited it down to 1 Minute 20 seconds so it would fit my short and the credits

White Blood by Harry Gregson Williams

2 minute Web optimized short

This is the Two Minute Web Optimsed Short

Finished 1 Minute film

This is the Finished 1 minute film, we needed a web optimized one for the brief so I thought I would upload one.

Billy’s 1min Breakdown

Here are some screen shots of Billy’s 1 Minute film. Through out the whole comp i must have clocked over 20 hours of work trying to get this done. Finally it is almost complete, all that is left to do is to do the credits. I have added the different colours of the buildings and added a typography type overlay to the video, this was done by Billy. This is the result

Helping Jeff

Jeff asked me to help her film her one minute short. I was the camera man for part of it as Ben was needed else where. Here is the acting in action

Helping Lauren

As part of our brief we had to help at least three people. So Lauren needed help to create snow in one of her shots, I used Adobe After Effects and a plug in called “CC Snow”. This created a snow like effect on the movie, I then used a adjustment Layer to mask out the parts that where not needed. Nothing really hard about this just fun to do, here are some screen shots

Helping Billy

So today I help Billy do his Film/Animation, it was fun but really hard at the same time trying to sync with the music.I will keep updating this post with Screen shots. I learned a lot today with music, I like music but never been a fan of making making music in logic etc. This¬†experience¬†helped me listen to the beats and learn a lot about music. The down side to it is because I have to listen to the music first then sync it with After Effects it takes a while. I also can’t Listen to the music before I render it that is down to After Effects not anything I can do about that.