Part One

2 minute Web optimized short

This is the Two Minute Web Optimsed Short

Script for Cereal

This is a short script from our two minute film.

Enter Greg



Is that my cereal?



Is this your cereal?



You know that’s my cereal.



Well this is the worst birthday ever



What you watching?


I like this show…Its pretty good.

(walks out and walks back in)

there’s a tea in the kitchen for you.


End Scene.





Worst Birthday Ever 1ST EDIT NOT FINISHED

This is the first edit to our 2 minute film “Worst Birthday Ever”. This edit is not finished, it still needs some polishing and some compositing in After Effects. We also need to add the music soundtrack, hopefully it will look good.

StoryBoard For Cereal.

This is our Storyboard for our 2 minute short film. We decided to use Danny’s idea because i was the best one and most practical. Within this story is it not a physical fight, it is a fight between 2 flat mates about hows eating hows cereal. Enjoy