Visual Language

My chosen Picture 5 of 6

This is the 5th picture in the series. It shows a man in a boat with quite a large gun, the reason i chose this picture was because of the colours, very basic colours. Nuteral colours catch my eye because it shows that they are not try hard to get your attention. I also chose this picture because of how the light shone off his face causing shadows kind of a like a good and evil thing going on. On one side he might be protecting someone with that gun, but the evil side to this, it that he could be there to kill someone.

My Chosen Picture 4 of 6

This is the 4th picture, it comes from the same series as my previous post. I like this picture because even though it is bad the artist is stating that cutting ones wrist is a fashion accessorie and if you don’t do it your not cool enough. Very effective.

My Chosen Picture 3 of 6

This is the 3rd picture in the series. I chose this picture for the graphical nature of it. To me it depicts if you start a fight you don’t know what will happen, the person could have a knife. The caption “Face off?” says to me that you should think before reaction because you don’t know what will happen. This is a very effective picture because it is very bold and graphic, caught my eye when I walked past it.

My Chosen Picture 2 of 6

This is the second picture in my series. The picture depicts graffiti artist doing their work. I chose this as my second picture because of how it looks like it was taken in real life and not staged. It was to me taken in the moment.

My Six Chosen Pictures 1 of 6

This picture was taken at the Royal Armories in Leeds, I have chosen this for my first picture because even though it is a still life. I imagine it happening right infront of me, it is very dynamic and emotional, to me I can feel the action as I look at it.  This is I chose this as my first picture.

Monkey Anatomy

When looking at different Monkeys, I decided to look at how a monkeys where structured. So I looked at the inners of a monkey and skeletal structure of primates. This was a really good in site for me because i can elongate curtain features to make S649 more primate than human.

Process Presentation

This is my Presentation for Visual Language Enjoy XD

monkey Robot