Development For Clive

When looking at the brief i decided to make a geek. As soon as I thought of geek i drew these pictures to simulate what i want Clive to look like. I think that I will pick the square head because the round head looks to normal, the square head looks more like a cartoon.

Clive, Why did I Pick These Colours

To start off with I picked a orange outline for my character. I chose this colour because it looked much better than the standard black, I  also chose this colour because it is very cartoon like and thats what i wanted to get across whilst making this character. Next is the colour of the face, I chose a normal skin colour for the face, I made it more pink because again i wanted to make it more like a cartoon. Finally the colour of the clothes, I picked a red bow tie and white shirt because I took instruction from Pee Wee Herman. The blue jeans are just a normal pair of jeans.

Napoleon Dynamite Hero/Quest Archetypal Story

When searching through the internet i came across an article about the Archetype of Napoleon Dynamite. It talks about the different Archetypes of Napoleon Dynamite. It is a really good read, When looking at this I wanted to make my character like this. Boring but seems to have to smartness to him

PDF from Mrsgrubb.com


Emotions for Clive

here are some emotions for Clive, four emotions. Happy, Sad, Angry and Really Angry..

Illustrator Induction CS5

Whislt doing the induction the teacher gave us a task to re-draw and colour Totoro, This was my result… Pretty good it i do say so myself XD

Clive “The Powerless Geek” ALMOST FINISHED

This Is Clive, I designed him for the “Character Development” Mini Brief ENJOY

The Beginning of “Clive”

This is the beginning of “Clive The Powerless Geek” just need to figure out how to do the body. Kind of stuck, looking good though to say i cant draw.