Updated 2 Point Perspective For Clive’s House

This is the updated version of the 2 Point Perspective for Clive’s House

Updated Floor Plan

Here is the updated Floor Plan, I updated it with the correct scale.

Elevations For Clives House

Here are the Elevations for Clive’s House. The Elevations are for each room, and they will rap around each room.

Rendered View of Clives House.

This is the rendered out image for Clive’s House using 2 point perspective.

Scale Floor Plan Illustrator

After finishing my pencil Drawing of my floor plan i put it in to Adobe illustrator and made it more professional. Here is the End result.

3D Environment

I spent all day today building the 3D environment for Clive. This was my result

This is what i have so far

This is the start of my prospective rendering of my house.