Compose Batman 6 Pictures Summery

I picked these six picture because I felt that they where the best. The reason I felt that they where the best was because it looked at all the different things we learnt. The depth of field, focus and focal point. Before i started this Studio Brief I never thought of depth of field etc, now when taking a picture I always think about these aspects.

What I learnt

Depth of Field

Depth of Field is where a one object is in focus and the other objects around it is blurred out. This makes the object or subject in the photo stand out and it pulls the view eyes straight to that object or subject, a key tool in photography.


Focus is one of the aspects of photography to make a photo look good. When taking a photo I had to make sure it was in focus if it wasn’t it would come out blurry, this was hard because I was used to taking photo with a camera with automatic focus not manual focus. Even though the Canon E50 had an auto focus setting, I thought it would take all the fun out of photography and it would be hard for me to make the Depth of Field.

Focal Point

I learnt about Focal Point when taking these photos, before I started this brief I have never even heard of this technique. I used this technique to move the focus from the centre of the picture to the conner of the picture. Using this i wanted to pull the eye of the viewer straight to that point rather than looking at the whole picture.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 6)

This final picture i tired to get the detail in the object, to do this i used a macro lens to accomplish this. You can see the detail in the Bat belt and in the defined muscles in the object. This is one of my faviourate photos because the detail, and the fact that it isn’t a full body shot, it’s just the midshot.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 5)

Second to last picture in this series. This picture I looked at how i could get focus on one part of the object but not the other. In the photo the focal point is on the edge of the Batman Symbol. I tired to get this effect so it would look like the good and evil of Batman or the blurry line of the Law.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 4)

Picture 4 of 6. Again this depicts the depth of filed in photos, in this photo the football is in focus and the Batman figure is out of focus. Again it makes the picture look lifelike.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 3)

This 3rd picture is a perfect example of shadows in objects. You can see the shadow behind the object, I did this by pointing a light box at the object. I tired different effects using the light box but this was the best result.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 2)

This is the second picture of six, this picture perfectly portrays depth of field. As you can see The Batman figure is in forcus but the football behind it is out of focus. This is depth of field and give the inanimate object some lifeless and makes it more 3D.

Compose Batman 6 Pictures (batman picture 1)

As part of our Compose brief we had to take picture of an inanimate object, for this i used a lead figure of batman. This was one of my best pictures

This brief was about understanding how to use a digital SLR and Lightening. These next couple of post will be about how i used lightening effectively.

This picture along with the lightening brighten ups the face darkening the rest of the body. So people who see this picture instantly look at the face and the details.