John Heartfield

John Heartfield is a German Photomontage artist who was against nazi’s and wanted to undermine then. His work always consisted of a swastika, one of his most famous works Adolph The Superman 1932 depicts Hitler with coins inside him. To me this shows Hitler and the Nazi party as a bank, swallowing all the money of Germany.  This perfectly shows what Nazi Germany during WWII.

Peter Blake

Peter Blake born in London in 1933 is one of the iconic pop artist of his time. One of his most remember pieces is called On the Balcony (1955-1957). This is a perfect example of photo manipulation because is shows are hand drawn photos and photographs can come together to make very weird almost surreal picture.

My Amazing Anti-Propaganda Poster

This is the new poster i did. It shows Adolf Hilter Saluting but with a twist. Hanging from his hand is a jewish man being hung. I think this is really effective because it shows the pain and massacre behind the face.

Propaganda A3 Poster

This is my second poster, it is not done yet but i think it is getting there. I decided not to do the woman face because i couldn’t get the right model for the job. Once I finish this poster i think it will look really good.

Propaganda Churchill Poster

This is my final second poster i made for the visual language brief. It is a propaganda poster showing Sir Winston Churchill swearing with a caption from one of his speeches.

Development of my Second Poster

This is my second poster that I have produced. My aim is the show the British views on Nazis, I thought theres nothing better than Winston Churchill. I just need to think of a Tag line. Any ideas…..


Nazi Propagand Poster Test 1

This is the first test of many of my Nazi Propaganda Poster. This shows a woman with a Swastika on her face. I made this with Photoshop and it is early stages and very rough.