Monkey Anatomy

When looking at different Monkeys, I decided to look at how a monkeys where structured. So I looked at the inners of a monkey and skeletal structure of primates. This was a really good in site for me because i can elongate curtain features to make S649 more primate than human.

Process Presentation

This is my Presentation for Visual Language Enjoy XD

monkey Robot


Since i did my monkey/robot in Illustrator, i wasnt able to create the right textures, so when i imported it in to Photoshop i found a few different websites that do good textures and it i learnt me how to do fur.

It starts off with Blur and Motion Blur, then using some some noise to create the fur.


S649 Finished turn around

This is the finished character “S649”. I added a blur and noise to make the skin look like fur, very effective

Looking at Tanks

Because i want to place the tracks on to my Robot/Monkey “S649”. I have been looking at Tank Tracks. Steve gave me a perfect website of loads of tanks and its front view. This has given me an insight on how tanks look and work, here are some pictures i took inspiration from.

Monkey Research

When looking at different monkeys, I came across this video on youtube. It shows a monkey eating a bananna, its not eating a bananna that is important, it’s the close up of the monkey that is important and I am able to see details in the Monkey.

The Robotics Institute

The Robotics Institute start in 1979 with their founders Raj Reddy, Tom Murrin and Angel Jordan. The Robotics Institute is the leader in Robotics and have created several different Robots. It is a good bench mark for everyone else to go with. Some of their inventions are basic. For example this Lego robot, very basic but it can walk and be programmed to go anything.