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Animex is the largest festival dedicated to animation and computer games in
the UK. Speakers and representatives from the global animation and games
community gather for a week every year to educate, inspire and entertain an
audience made up of professionals, students and enthusiasts.


http://www.animex.net/ Is held on the 6th – 10th February in T-side. The festival is based on Animation and Games with talks from some industry professionals. What really intrest me is the game side of it. im hoping they will be looking at professional game engines and giving a talk on  that. Would also love to look at visual effects which is being held there. The one that I want to go to is happening on the 9-10 Feuruary. As there isnt a sceduel for the even Loz has emailed them as I think we are planning to go to that for the two days. Stay over night at an hotel and try and get our names out there.


Taking Advice from Brown Bread Films

So I emailed Brown Bread Films about a week ago asking for advice on how to get in to the VFX industry. I got a fantastic email back.

Hi Ross,

Sorry for my late reply. We have been really swamped over the past few weeks with a few different jobs and moving office.

When you are interviewing a person and you look at their show reel, what are you looking for in that show reel?

I suppose the first thing that we look for when we are viewing someone’s visual effects show reel is taste. We see a lot of peoples VFX show reels that apply good technique to not so great imagery or sequences. It is always more memorable when you view someone’s show reel who has applied those skills and techniques to a nicely shot or designed piece of work. It’s not a show reel but the CG work in this video has great technique and taste:-

    – http://vimeo.com/15624524 

I think it is very important to stay current as well. There are trends within all areas of video/film production and they are constantly changing and evolving so keeping up with these will help massively when showing to potential clients.

Putting your stamp/style on your work is very important as well, whilst being diverse with techniques but adding your own flare to each piece. 

My last question is when networking, what is the best way to get noticed? I’m having real trouble getting noticed by production houses.

 I think its’ not just about firing a generic email to a whole bunch of different companies. Its about finding the companies you want to work for, doing research into them and making that point of contact personal. You want to make them feel like you have put the effort in and want to work for them and them only. 

Networking events are massively helpful also, not just to get your face out there but to meet people that are either in a similar position as you or are looking for someone just like you. It’s all about being confident and not been scared to talk to people. At the end of the day they are all there for the same reason.

 I hope this was of some help. If you want to ask us anything else or if you want to pop down for a chat and a cup of tea sometime just let us know.


Rory Martinez

Battlefield 3 side my side xbox 360 vs PS3

This is something that I found on youtube, its a side my side coverage of Battlefield 3 for xbox and ps3… To me I cant see any difference apart from sometimes the xbox 360 is quicker and sometimes the ps3 is quicker. side by side the textures are the same. amazing graphics though love it

Arkadium Revenue

So on the Advagame website I found an intresting quote on how revenue for advagames work.

                                       Revenue opportunities are endless with advergames. Arkadium clients have found much success with selling around game advertisements with their new found inventory, game sponsorships or even branded game opportunities to other advertisers within their own sites. After all, research has found click through rates 15 times than the industry average for advertising around the game, before the game and during breaks in game play. Games offer valuable and much sought after inventory.

This company help market companies by either reskining another game and putting the companies game on it or making a new game interlay an awesome concept

Advancement in Tech Game

Ive found an awesome article about Game advancements and As being in the second year i should know what i want to do. BUT I am torn between Game and Film, I love film but over the past weeks I began to like Maya, UVing and Rigging. So Ive found this article with pictures of advancements in Game Text. From Pixals to Polygons.




Why Visual Effects.

For years now I loved watching films, everything about them, the directing, camera work, the edit and my favourite Visual Effects. As everyone knows by now I try to make visual effects look good. From all the things ive seen on the internet about Visual effects. It just coms naturally to me. The one thing that I really need to, is get away from Video copilot and TUTAE. I started using Video Copilot when they first started doing tutorials and wasnt well known. Over the years they have become very big and every Person who know VFX are looking at Video Copilot and know you cant get away with a simple thing without everyone linking it to Video Copilot. So like Matt and Matt said use the tutorial and adampt to them. So for the next film  video I want to take This video below I did from video Copilot and turn it in to a crumbling building. I cant wait. My hope and dreams is to work for Double Negative in London.