Game Art

Unity Turn Around

So here is my Turnaround in Unity. Finally got it to work with the textures but for some reason its not animating. Its properly a simple fix but I dont know how to fix it. Ill look at the export settings in Maya and in Unity to see if theres anything i can do.

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Progress is slow and painfull

Progress with this environment is slow. i think my standards are to high for making games. im comparing my game to the giants like Crysis 2 and LA noir etc. where as i should be aiming for minecraft level. simple textures, simple game play. Texturing is mine numbingly boring, but it has to be done or else it will look crap.

To do

I have most of the textures to do

do Mary Annes face texture


Then all the unity stuff


Screenshots of my progress.

Roles in a Game Development House

Been looking at the roles that people work as in a Game House. There are many roles and responsibilities that each person is given to produce a game.

As far as i can tell theres 14 roles in a game house that is vital.

First off there is the Designer. The designer is the person that designs the gameplay, the rules of the game and the outline of it. This includes the character development, script, cutscene design and the Hint system (words on the screen to help the player out.)

The second role is the Artist. There are many different aspects of being a game artist, Concept art is the main one. But the artist job it so also do the environment backgrounds and backdrops for all the gameplay and cutscenes. This is the same wether it is a 2D environment or 3D environment.

The next Role is the biggest in the Game House, Programmer. Within this role there are up to 10 different sub roles that people are apart of.

  • The first one is “Physics”. The person be this is to deal with all the physics of the game. Stopping characters from walking through objects and putting a colluder on it.
  • Second one is “AI”. AI is artificial intelligence, this person has the job of scripting the game with characters and in game props. This will allow the player to touch an object it will react with it. An important part of a game.
  • The third one is “Graphics”. They work with the physics department to make the game run smooth. So they would have to keep an eye on the poly count to make sure theres no lay. Most consoles can coupe with a million polys before lagging.
  • Forth one is “GamePlay”. This role is one of the key things within the house. This role is used to set game rules, so the character can’t go where its not suport to. So all cut scenes come when there are ment to etc somethings called Generallist.
  • Next one is “UI” This is an import one also, this person creates the main menu of the game, as well as the pause menu and any other UI with in the game.
  • “Input processing” is next and this is a programmer that make the user control the character using either a controller or a keyboard and mouse,
  • “Network Connection” is a fancy work for allowing the user to play online.For example Steam online for Mac/Windows or PSN, XBox Live.
  • The Final Role in Programmers is “Game Tools” This wraps the game in to a playable .exe,DMG or console format.

So the next departmental role is Level Designer. This person designs all the different levels in the game. I prefer this rather than Character Design as I hate Character Concept etc.

Second to last is Sound Designer, this person is in charge of all the sound within the game. This would nether be one person, it could be a team of people either making the sounds for the game or sourcing the sound from different assets.

The final one is Game Tester. This team of people is in charge of finding any bugs with in the game. These can be spelling mistakes, bug/glitches in the game. Although tester try there best, there is always bugs that people miss. If they are missed some games can be patched in later updates.

Thats all the roles in a Game Production house. Lots of people to create the games we all love.

Animation PlayBlast

Working on my animations in Maya, Just trying to get all the bugs out.

The walk cycle is screwed up, I need to fix it.

Im happy with the Idle and Jump for now

PlayBlast is Pink, thats just a maya thing

Bar Prop

I built this in Maya today whilst taking a break from the character. Ive made the bar area for Ten Bells. It was fun to make I enjoy making props.

Video Below

Walk and Jump Cycle

So past few days ive been doing the Walk and Jump Cycle for Mary Anne. I think this is the best I can do on the count I dont have the Peel Heel On it. With restrictions on the dress and legs she does more of a shovel than a walk. I like it and it is my first animation so im going to stick with it, and tweak it on a later date.


Side note… The walk cycle looks weird, its because its meant to loop.

Jump PlayBlast


Walk Playblast

Progress with Textures

So ive spent all day doing the dress textures trying to make them perfect. I havent finished yet but its looking a lot better.

So here in this picture i am lining up the dress in photoshop so i can make her chest. As she is a street worker in the 1800s she would be showing a little chest.

And this is it in Maya lined up perfectly.

So I decided to shorted the arm material and put the chest in… This was fun Hours of trying to get the right position it was hard… I then added some gloves using the textures ive been taking over the past few days.



All in all im still trying to work out the layout of the Uvs and its slowly getting there. im enjoying texturing… can you believe it