Rango Behind the Scenes

Rango is an awesome animation starring Johnny Depp. Animation developed my Industrial Light and Magic Visual Effects. It shows the process they went through from start to finish, within different scenes. Starting from the simple Polygon shapes, to Texturing and lighting.

This is a really good insight to the industry that most of us want to work it. I learn alot from this. Showing how simple polygons with a good texture will sell the shot

The video show how it is done.

Just the Hand -_-

It turns out that in my film you only get to see the hand of the Alien. So i decided to make the hand look epic to sell the effect etc. I used a basic hand I downloaded from the net then made it look awesome. Ive finished the hand and now its time to UV and texture it. I still need to start my space shit and the interior. I also want to do a gun, so I have lots and lots of work to do.

Pictures of my awesomeness.

Shark Teeth

So for my model i decided to go all out and make teeth, gums, tongue and Windpipe. Ive started to look at shark teeth and how they are made. Sharks have many rows on teeth, so when falls out another one takes it place. This is my plan for my Alien. Shark to me are scary so lets make the Alien scary with shark teeth…

Moodboard 😀

My Hand vs Others.

I decided to source my Aliens hand as I tried and failed to make a hand. I tried many hours to get it done but looks no where near as good as the other hand I sourced.

My Hand


Other Hand


This hand was sourced from http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scene-files/c/collection-of-hands as a free to use asset. I give thanks to him 😀


Once again Progress in painful and slow

Ahhhh Sleepless nights, how I have missed you.

Havent blogged in a while, been to busy with the After Effects and Maya. So this is the progress so far for me. Im modeling both Alien and Spaceship in Maya. I always seem to take the hardest option for some reason. It is still fun to do. The main problem so far is the Hands, i cant dont hands.It sucks. I’ve downloaded some hand on the internet as reference but still want to do my own.

Pictures of my progress

Finally got round to doing some Moodboards

So I finally got round to doing some moodboards and it has really helped me and Coral get the Concept Art down to a fine art. Ive been looking at Bugs, Weapons, Eyes, Aliens and Dinosaurs. Perfect and will definitely do them in future projects.

Here they are.

Do Aliens Exist? What would they look like

I found an interesting website what aliens would look like if they did or do exist. I going to paste the article and the video below because I think its a perfect example of what other people think about stuff.


Yesterday, Howard University hosted a panel discussion on “The Poetry of Science” featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins. Among subjects, Tyson and Dawkins discussed the prospects for life on another planet and public fascination with extraterrestrials.

Karen Frantz, a graduate student in journalism here at at American University, covered the event for AoE and files this guest post with video of reactions from several individuals in attendance.–Matthew Nisbet

What would life on another planet look like? E.T. or the Blob?

That’s a simplified version of a question pondered by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson during a Tuesday discussion held at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

The conversation explored how science is not only a tool to help us understand the world, but how it can also open our minds to the questions we might never have known to ask. Dawkins and Tyson spoke about how humans can identify intelligence in our own species and in others, the scientific tools that allow us to abandon our senses when trying to explain the world around us — and what alien life might look like.

Enter popular culture. 

Tyson argued that representations of aliens in pop culture tend to be anthropomorphized, depicting beings with similar body structures and facial features as ours. He said that it’s egocentric to assume that life on another planet would resemble life on our own, and that to him the most plausible alien character depicted in sci-fi was the Blob — an amoeba-like villain in the classic 50’s flick.

Dawkins countered by saying that life on Earth has followed predictable paths of evolution, and we might very well expect life on other planets to take a similar course. For example, on Earth, animals on separate continents still share similar genes and characteristics — eyes and stingers, for example — despite having long ago split apart on the evolutionary chain.

So, what would life on another planet look like? Following the panel, I posed the question to a few of the attendees, who had illuminating responses.  Watch their responses below.–Guest post by Karen Frantz