Finished Camel Maya Animation

Finally finished my Maya animation in total it is 19 seconds with music. With feedback from my peers they told me that I should change the music to a more upbeat kind with more action, after all it is a race. So I looked all through the internet and found the perfect piece of music. Enjoy, Again any feedback would be great

My First video with music

My second video with music changed.

Poly Animation Finished

I finally finished my poly animation in Adobe Flash. This took the longest even though it was the most simple to do. This isnt my favorite one but it will have to do. Again feedback would be great.

Walking Animation Finished

I finally finished my walking Animation in Adobe Flash CS5, I thought that I would post it to share with you all. I added some music just to lighten the mood a little bit and added a fade at the end, just to make it look a bit more presentable. All in all this took ages to finish because im not that gifted in the art of drawing. So please dont mind the Stick men XD. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be great

Matrix 360 Effect

When i was creating my Animation, I wanted to incorporate the Matrix slow motion 3D effect. seen here,


To do this in Maya I had to create a NURBS Primitive, Then attach a camera on the the NURBS and rotate the camera around by object using a “Turn Table” effects built in to maya.

Heres what is looks like in maya

Clint Eastwood Animation

When looking through different parts of the internet, I came across an article about a Clint Eastwood animation. This is his person project called

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway

The animation and modeling was done by Stanislav Klabík.

It is truly amazing

Read More at http://blog.bttrove.org/1774

24 Animations In 24 Hours.

I found a video about 24 Animations in 24 Hours. Makes everyone who watch it, die a little inside because its takes us weeks to finished 2 animation. These animators did it in 24 Hours :S

Maya Animation

Whilst on my daily stumbleupon, I stumbled upon a maya animation reel, This is amazing, really good animation and visual effects, It looks like they used the z-brush too, but i can not confirm it as there is no information about it.